ARMY/NAVY Nomenclatuur


In de onderstaande tabel vind je een overzicht van de ARMY/NAVY type aanduidingen. Je kunt dan bijvoorbeeld zien wat een AN/GRC-9 is:



G = Ground, general use

R = Radio

C = Communications

9 = Volgnummer


Installation   Type of equipment   Purpose  
A Airborne B Pigeon A Auxiliary Assemblies
C Air Transportable C Carrier (wire) C Communications
F Ground, fixed F Photographic D Direction Finder
G Ground, general use G Telegraph or teletype (wire) G Gun Directing
M Ground, mobile I Interphone & Public Address L Searchlight Control
P Ground, pack or portable M Meteorological M Maintenance and test assemblies
S Shipboard N Sound N Navigational aids
T Ground, Transportable P Radar Q Special, or combination of types
U General Utility R Radio R Receiving
V Ground, Vehicular S Special Types or combination S Search and/or detecting
    T Telephone (wire) T Transmitting
    V Visual and light W Remote Control
    X Facsimile or Television X Identification and Recognition



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